Wildflowers of Banff National Park

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A guidebook to the flowers of Banff Park!

banff Flower book

Wildflowers of Banff Park is a 200 page full-colour book that features more than 160 wildflowers of Banff National Park, from forest glades to alpine ridges. Ten of the best trails to see a variety of wildflowers are listed, along with notes of where and when to find each plant.

This book is a blend of coffee-table photo book, guide book, and celebration of nature's beauty. Colour photographs, vivid descriptions, trail information, and interesting observations about each flower help with plant recognition and identification.

Wildflowers of Banff Park is an ideal field guide for all skill levels, with flower arrangements by colour for ease of use. A full index of names will also help you find new flowers.

Check out the Book Preview link for a full-colour sample of the book, or Trails & Flowers link for more information about trails listed in the book!

We hope this book will inspire you to enjoy the flowering beauty of the area and to explore new trails!

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We have selected some of the best photographs from the book for card sets. Each card set has four colour cards with envelopes, and features a unique theme of wildflowers.

CARD SET 1 ... Big and Bold Wildflowers

Bog and Bold Wildflowers

CARD SET 2 ... Dainty and Diminutive Wildflowers

Card Set Dainty and Diminutive Wildflowers

CARD SET 3 ... Delicate and Delightful Wildflowers

Delicate and Delightful Wildflowers

CARD SET 4 ... Scenic Wildflowers

scenic Wildflowers

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